Three generations of artisans have learned their craft at Brusic Rose, whose frame builders, upholsterers, wood finishers, and tailors belong to the finest in the industry. Their unique ability to custom manufacture entire upholstered furniture pieces, including all exposed wood, is a testament to their expertise.

At Brusic Rose, highly skilled craftsmanship goes hand in hand with innovative technology, enabling precision manufacturing to designer specifications. A five-axis computerized numerical controller, the only CNC machine of its kind in the Chicago area, allows Brusic Rose to efficiently produce frame component parts. A three-axis CNC leather cutting system with flaw identification software permits ultra precise cuts and minimal loss of valuable leather while a CNC fabric cutter enables pattern matching of repeats and facilitates larger volumes.

Brusic Rose’s state-of-the-art finishing department features a clean air return and a bright inspection area. The finishing team’s expert skills include full-filled mirror finishes; Brusic Rose will also create custom finishes to match individual client samples.

From design to delivery – a smooth, on-time and on-budget manufacturing process is the ambition behind every single project. Brusic Rose reaches this goal by joining premium materials with exceptional expertise, by combining production flexibility with superior customer service – and finally, by extending its quality promise to packaging and shipping in order to protect its clients' valuable furniture investment.
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